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Ion Chambers

Distributed Gas ChangeOver System

  • Here are a few reminders for using the system:

- Three gases are available with the distributed gas system:

  Nitrogen (One cylinder in each bank of the change-over system)
  Helium (Two cylinders in each bank of the change-over system)
  Argon (Shut off at the change-over system)

- When using gases inside the hutch, select the gas that you require from the panel and adjust the flow with the valve on the panel. When not using gas, please turn the selection handle to Aux which for our purposes is off. This way you can leave the flow dialed in and just turn the handle to the gas to return to a prior setup.

- When a bank of gas is almost exhausted, the change-over system automatically senses this and switches to the second bank of gas. When this happens the annunciator alarm goes off to indicate that a bank has been depleted. Please send Dean an email ([email protected]) if you hear the alarm, and press the red button to silence it. No action is necessary as the change-over system automatically switches to the second bank of gas.

- Dean will replace the empty bank of cylinders with new ones the following day. Currently we are using up 2 cylinders of Helium per week when operating.

- If you are not using gases, please shut them off at the distribution panels inside the hutch so that we aren't wasting our supplies.

- Do not switch the cylinders yourself, and please remind users not to handle the cylinders.

Check out this website for more information:

If there are any questions that you may have about the system, please ask Dean or Robert.