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Embed Fonts in Primary File PDFs

When contributing a PDF as a primary file, be aware of the document's fonts. If the document contains non-standard fonts and the PDF is created without fonts embedded, the document may not optimize correctly when it is submitted to the ICMS, resulting in garbage characters. In general, it is recommended to embed fonts when creating PDFs.

Thunderbird Configuration for ICMS Emails

In order for automated emails from the ICMS to display correctly in Thunderbird, turn on "Display Attachments Inline" in the View menu. Checking this option lets you view embedded images and other file types inline, rather than as separate attachments. Without enabling the setting, emails from the ICMS will appear empty, and you must click on an attachment. Note, however, that enabling the setting can be a security risk, since you lose the ability to avoid opening a malicious attachment.

Checking In OmniGraffle Files

The Macintosh application OmniGraffle saves its native documents with the file extension.graffle. These documents are Mac OS packages that contain several pieces of content (images, XML files, etc.) The ICMS is unable to check in Mac OS packages since on non-Mac platforms, the package concept does not exist. To check in a native .graffle file, it is recommended that users first compress the file into a zip archive, then check in the .zip as the Primary File and attaching a PDF version as the Alternate File.