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Microsoft Office Documents: Recommendations and Known Issues

Microsoft Word:

  • Footnotes: a footnotes numbering error was identified in a document created with Word 2004 for Mac. The footnotes were correct on the Mac, but in Word 2003 for Windows, the footnote numbering restarted on every page. To fix the issue, save the document as an .rtf file on the Mac, then open it in Word 2003 for Windows and re-save it as a native .doc file.

Microsoft Excel:

  • Non-Letter Paper Sizes: when contributing documents created with Excel for Mac, selecting a Paper Size other than Letter (8.5" x 11") has no effect on the PDF created by the ICMS refinery, causing the resulting PDF to crop to Letter size. The workaround for this known issue is to select the desired Paper Size in Excel's Page Setup, and then print the document to a PDF locally. Check in this PDF as the Alternate File.