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Document Automation allows the user to insert ICMS metadata, such as Content ID, in a Microsoft Word or Excel document. This feature leverages the "Document Properties" feature in Microsoft Office. When the document is checked in, the specified properties are replaced with the actual ICMS values.


  • Including the Content ID as part of a report lets everyone know that the document is in ICMS, how to find it, and how to reference it in other documents.
  • Including the ICMS revision number and revision status of a procedure helps a technician know if her printed copy is current.

Adding ICMS metadata to an Office document

  1. Access the document's custom properties.
    • Office 365 and Office 2010 (Windows): Click File > Info (in left bar). On "Properties" in right half of screen, click drop-down menu and select "Advanced Properties." Click the "Custom" tab.
  2. Enter the name of the ICMS field you want to add to your document.
    1. See Word and Excel instructions below for supported fields.
    2. You must use the exact field names as indicated.
  3. Click OK to close the Document Properties window.
  4. (Word Only) Add the ICMS field code to the document.
    1. Place your cursor at the point in the document you want the ICMS field code to appear.
    2. Browse the Document Properties list:
      1. Word 365 and Word 2010 (Windows): Click on Insert > Quick Parts > Field. Under "Categories", select "Document Information." Under "Field Names", select "DocProperty."
    3. Select the field property to be placed in your document. A placeholder value is inserted in your document. This value will be replaced with the actual value at check in time.
  5. Save the document and check it into ICMS.


You may use any of the following document properties to insert the relevant ICMS value into a Word document. You should fill in the Name and Value fields, as shown below for each property you wish to include.

Name Value
ICMSRevision Rev
ICMSRevisionStatus Status
ICMSContributor Contributor
ICMSComments Comments
ICMSDocumentDate Doc Date


Content ID and Revision number are the supported properties that can be added to Excel documents:

  • ICMSContentIDLoc
  • ICMSRevisionLoc

these can be set to a specific cell value (i.e. A2) or footer. If you enter footer, the value(s) will be placed in the printer margins at the bottom of the page.

You must also indicate which sheet in your workbook will contain these values. To do so, add the following document property:

  • ICMSSheetLoc

this must be an integer that equates to a specific sheet (i.e. 1). If you want it to print the values on all sheets, set it to -1. If the property is not specified, it will print on the first sheet only.