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WIKI for the APS Beamline Controls Community, maintained by the Beamline Controls Technical Working Group.
This wiki exists to collect the output of the working group, including documentation on beamline controls software and hardware useful for APS beamline scientists and resident users.

Getting Started

Beamline Controls Documentation

Practical Beamline Controls Training (2023)

Session 1: IOC Basics Session 2: IOC Deployment & Troubleshooting

Beamline Controls Technical Working Group information

The BC Technical Working (BCTWG) group meets monthly to review and gather feedback on possible changes in either the way BC delivers support or the technologies that BC supports. The BCTWG comprises the BC group plus interested stakeholders from XSD. In a nutshell, the main goal of the BCTWG is to improve communication between BC and its customers on topics of mutual interest.

  • Box folder with slides and meeting notes (ANL only): [1]
  • Current chairs:
    • Kevin Peterson (XSD-BC)
    • Tejas Guruswamy (XSD-DET)
    • Andrew Chuang (XSD-MPE)

Beamline Data Pipelines