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User Wiki for APS Beamline 11-BM

This wiki contains information for users of the APS beamline 11-BM; new content is added periodically.

11-BM News

Archived news and updates about 11-BM and powder diffraction at the APS

Safety & Training

APS Safety & Training Links:

Experiment Safety Approval Forms (ESAFs):

Experiment Hazard Classes

Sample Preparation


Data Collection/Processing

On-Site Users: Beamline Controls

Data Analysis

Sample Environments

pages for more information on specific environments

Other Equipment

Temperature Controls, Power Supplies etc

Status & History

11-BM Status Page

APS Ring Status

Video Webcams & Monitors

11-BM Rapid Access

Standards Data

Standards Data: reference powder diffraction data for standard (SRM) samples, plus example fits

Instrument Parameter and Input Files: instrument parameter and input information

11-BM, APS & ANL Links

On-Site Accommodation & Dining

Assorted Links

Software Notes