Mail-In Bases

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Users can now select 2 sizes of sample mounting bases:

  • Standard bases: 0.8 mm diameter capillary. This is the standard size used for all mail-in measurements prior to 2013.
  • Large bases: 1.5 mm diameter capillary. New for 2013

The Large size is a ~ 2x larger diameter (~ 3x increase in scattering cross section) when compared with the standard 0.8 mm diameter Kapton tube capillary. These larger capillaries are allow users with low Z, or low X-ray scattering, samples to place more sample into the beam during the measurements. More scattering events normally gives higher quality data with better statistics.

Users should consider the μ*r of their sample(s). An ideal μ*r value is ~ 1.0

Important !! If you plan to use a large diameter mail-in base and nest a smaller size coated Kapton tube, please send 11-BM staff an additional email directly after you request your bases and state this so we can be sure to send both size Kapton tubes.

Please ask 11-BM staff ([email protected]) with any questions about which size is correct for your experiment.