Gas Handling Equipment

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The 11-BM experimental station includes support for gas equipment to support various insitu experiment by on-site users

An overview is given below, contact staff for details

Hutch Patch Panel

Gas from cylinders mounted outside the 11-BM-B hutch can be connected to a sample environment at the beam position inside the hutch by a series of existing patch panels and flow meters.

11BM Gas Rack

Hutch Gas Panel

Sample Gas Panel

Flow Meters

There are 2 KI brand glass tube flowmeters. Both have have a 150 mm reference scale.

See more details here:

Gas Cylinders

11-BM has standard gas cylinders available, typically:

  • O2
  • Inert Gases: N2, He, Air
  • 3.5% H2 (He balance)

Always check with beamline staff in advance to ensure gas availability for an experiment. Custom gas cylinders need to be requested well in advance.

Gas Regulators

11-BM has several dedicated high-purity gas regulators, including (as of Jan 2012):

For Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen, Ethane, Ethylene, Methane, and related gases:

  • CGA Size #350, Dual-Stage, Gauge < 200 psi (4-100 psig delivery) (Sigma-Aldrich Part Z405973; mfr Matheson #3122-350)

For Oxygen:

  • CGA Size #540, Dual-Stage, Gauge < 60 psi (4-100 psig delivery) (Sigma-Aldrich Part Z405957; mfr Matheson #3121-540)

For Inert Gases:

  • CGA Size #580, Dual-Stage, Gauge < 60 psi (2-30 psig delivery) (Sigma-Aldrich Part Z405906; mfr. no. Matheson #3121-580)
  • CGA Size #580, Dual-Stage, Gauge < 100 psi. (multiple regulators)
  • CGA Size #580, Dual-Stage, Gauge < 400 psi (10-250 psig delivery) (Sigma-Aldrich Part Z405922; mfr. no. Matheson #3126-580)

Hazardous Gases

Contact 11-BM staff for questions about any experiments using hazardous gases (H2 etc)