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Introduction to PV log

The APS maintains a web-based log of many EPICS PVs values.

The webpage below is used to plot one (or more) of these PV values for a selected time range.

* http://www.aps.anl.gov/Accelerator_Systems_Division/Operations_Analysis/logging/11BM.html

Values are recorded every ~ 5 mins, and are saved for the last 7 days.

Follow these steps to view plots of historic values,

  • click on the desired PV name(s) in the Control Name / Readback Name panel
  • select the Date/Time Range of Interest
  • finally click PLOT.

PVs values of interest

Helium Cryostat

Control Name            Description 

11bmb:ITC:SP_RBV        Temperature SetPoint 

11bmb:ITC:S1_RBV        Temperature Sensor 1

11bmb:ITC:S2_RBV        Temperature Sensor 2 

11bmb:ITC:S3_RBV        Temperature Sensor 3 (Diode) 

11bmb:ITC:P_RBV         P term for PID controller 

11bmb:ITC:I_RBV         I term for PID controller 

11bmb:ITC:D_RBV         D term for PID controller  

Hot Air Blower

 11bmb:ETGL:RBV_pvTemp   (Hot Air Blower Temp)

N2 Cryostream

11bmb:CS:GasTemp        (N2 Cryostream Gas Temp)


11bmb:m28.RBV           (2Theta Arm Motor)

11bmb:m51.RBV           (Sample 'Z' for standard XYZ stage, 49=X, 50=Y)
11bmb:scaler1.S3        (Sample Ion Chamber)

11bmb:scaler1.S2        (B-Hutch Ion Chamber)