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↑ top view
Storage Ring Tunnel Wall — ♦ 34ID-A (FOE) Beam transport 34ID-B (SOE) 34ID-C 34ID-D (TOE) 34ID-E
↓ side view


Sector 34ID has two undulator sources and five x-ray enclosures (also called hutches or stations): the first optical enclosure (FOE) 34ID-A, the second optical enclosure (SOE) 34ID-B, the coherent diffraction imaging experiment station 34ID-C, the third optical enclosure (TOE) 34ID-D, and the micro-diffraction station 34ID-E.

Undulator Sources

34ID has two undulators, positioned in tandem along a 5-meter straight section along the ring. Their horizontal directions are separated by 1 μrad. The upstream undulator produces the outboard beam, which eventually goes to 34ID-C for coherent diffraction imaging experiments. The downstream undulator produces the inboard beam that serves micro-diffraction at the E-hutch.


The first optical enclosure has the following components:

  • Front-end exit mask, window, and collimator
  • Two sets of white-beam slits, one for each x-ray beam
  • A few Bremsstrahlung Collimators
  • A white-beam deflection mirror that further deflects the 34ID-C beam by 10 mrad in the outboard direction. The deflection would provide enough separation between the two x-ray beams at the C-station so experiments can be performed there without too much spatial constraints
  • A white-beam mask/stop for the outboard deflected/transmitted beam


The second optical enclosure:

  • Septum mask at the entrance that separates beam path into two independent pipes
  • A monochromator, a polarizer, and a shutter in the outboard beam for C-hutch


  • X-ray coherent-diffraction imaging experiment hutch, uses the outboard beam
  • Beam transfer pipe for the inboard beam that goes to 34ID-E

The outboard beam stops at the end of this hutch.


The third optical enclosure:

  • Monochromator and slits for the inboard beam
  • White-beam shutter and mono-beam shutter for the inboard beam


The micro-diffraction experiment hutch

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