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Three mostly-used scaler channels are I_start, I_middle and I_final. They are ion-chambers monitoring beam intensity at different locations along the beam:

  • I_start: after the defelecting mirror, before the W-slits (a pair of slits defining the aperture of the K-B mirrors).
  • I_middle: after the W-slits, before the K-B mirror.
  • I_final: after the K-B mirrors and the sample.

MEDM Windows

  • All scalers
    • 34ide main panel -> "scalers & amps" (near bottom right corner) -> "scalers"
  • Amplifiers for individual ion chambers
    • 34ide main panel -> "scalers & amps" (near bottom right corner) -> "Ic_*** amp"

Area Detectors

See Also: 34ID-E Coordinate Systems#Detector Coordinates

There are three permanently-installed area detectors at 34ID-E. They are amorphous-silicon detectors made by Perkin-Elmer. The three detectors are code-named Yellow, Orange, and Purple.

  • Orange detector: placed on the top; 2048 × 2048 pixels; controlled by computer "s34pe2"
  • Yellow detector: placed on the outboard side; 1024 × 1024 pixels; controlled by computer "ornlpe1"
  • Purple detector: placed on the inboard side; 1024 × 1024 pixels; controlled by computer "ornlpe3"

Pixel sizes are 200 μm × 200 μm for all three detectors.

MEDM Windows

Fluorescence Detectors



Detectors in the forward direction

Ion chamber I_final is the only detector placed in the forward direction (downstream after the sample) in our regular setup. It can be removed if necessary to accommodate other detectors such as a CCD or Pilatus in the forward direction on the table. One may borrow them from the APS Detector Pool.