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Welcome to 34ID-E Wiki.


34ID-E is an undulator beamline dedicated to x-ray micro/nano-diffraction activities at the Advanced Photon Source.

The x-ray micro/nano-diffraction facility focuses x-ray beam to smaller than 0.5μm × 0.5μm for use in diffraction techniques using Kirkpatrick-Baez (K-B) mirrors. A specially designed micro-monochromator allows the selection of either polychromatic or monochromatic conditions with a fixed focal spot on the sample.

Polychromatic x-ray microscopy utilizes Laue diffraction method to characterize crystalline structure in materials. By scanning a differential aperture, spatially resolved microdiffraction measurements can be made in all three dimensions with sub-μm resolution. Properties that can be measured include the local crystalline phase, local texture (orientation), and the local strains.

The development of the microbeam experimental capabilities were sponsored by the DOE Office of Science.

34ID-E is the inboard branch of Sector 34ID, which is a canted sector with two independent undulators positioned in tandem along the synchrotron ring. X-rays generated by them are horizontally separated, and the ourboard branch is used by 34ID-C for coherent diffraction imaging experiments.

Beam Parameters
Source Type Undulator A, 3.3 cm period, 2.2 m
Energy Range 7 - 30 keV
Beam Size 300 - 500 nm (H) × 300 - 700 nm (V)
Energy Resolution (ΔE/E) 1 × 10-4
Beam Flux (photons/sec) 1 × 1011 (white)
1 × 109 (mono)



Beamline Control

Data Analysis

  • Analysis and visualization are mostly done with LaueGo, a package developed at 34ID-E based on IGOR Pro, runs on any PC or Mac.
  • Data from depth-resolved measurements requires reconstruction, which is carried out by a multi-node Linux cluster at APS.

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