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NX Quick Start Guide

Here are the instructions for accessing beamline workstations:

  1. Login to the NoMachine Portal here: (either your ANL LDAP username/password or the DM credentials "d<badge>/esaf password")
  2. Select the system you want to connect to, and click the Connect button.
  3. Select an existing virtual desktop, and click the Connect button.

To create a new virtual desktop, select "Create a new virtual desktop", and see the instructions here

At this point, you should be at a Gnome desktop where you can open applications.

You can adjust display settings in the Display settings panel, which you can access by clicking the "peel back" in the upper right corner. NX desktops run better with more network bandwidth. The default settings should be fine for most connections. In some cases however, you may have to make adjustments. For example, on a 15Mbps connection, you may have to lower the Quality level slider to get the desktop to run smooth.

For more details, including how to reset your DM password, see the following doc(s):


Remote Access to APS Beamlines using NoMachine Cloud Server

System Requirements

Guide to the NoMachine Menu Panel for Web Sessions

NX Beamline Portal Presentation

NoMachine Spectator Mode