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Overview and History of the Fast CCD Detectors

At a SPIE Conference in 2005 (International Society for Optical Engineering) Howard Padmore gave talk called "Fast CCD-Based systems for detection of x-ray and electronics" based on custom CCDs designed at LBNL. Steve Ross attended the talk and meet with Howard after the presentation and discussed the possibility of collaborating with LBNL in the development and fabrication of a x-ray detectors based on these fast readout CCD chips. During meetings held in October and December of 2005 it was decided that LBNL and APS would work together to develop these x-ray detectors. The first detector, now in use, is called the 480 Fast CCD Detector. The second generation detector, currently under development, uses a 1920 x 960 CCD developed by LBNL. It can be operated as a 960 x 960 frame shift Fast CCD. The first and second generation Fast CCD sensors, developed at LBNL, are based on 10 columns per output. The third generation Fast CCD will have a fully column parallel readout, where each column has their own output.


LBNL - Nord Adresen, Brad Bingham, Devis Contarato, Peter Denes, Dionisio Doering, John Joseph, Patrick McVittie

ANL - Jonathan Baldwin, Tim Madden, Suresh Narayanan, Alec Sandy, Emil Trakhtenberg, John Weizeorick

1K Frame Shift Fast CCD Assembly
480 Fast CCD at APS

Presentations and Publications



Development of a compact fast CCD camera and resonant soft x-ray scatterning endstation for time-resolved pump-probe experements AIP Review of Scientific Instruments (Vol. 82 Issue 7)

Real-time compression of streaming X-ray photon correlation spectroscopy area-detector data Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physical Research A (649 (2011) 237-239)

A fast, direct x-ray detection charge-couple device Review of Scientific Instruments (Vol.80, Issue 8)

1K Frame Shift CCD Detector

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Log of Problems and Solutions

List of configuration files

480 Fast CCD Detector

Soft Glue Logic to Control the Tuning Fork Shutter at 8id

Fully Column Parallel Fast CCD Detector